Spring & Summer

The Sun in Spring


As the rays of sunlight creep,
waking all the woods, asleep,
dreaming of the melting snow,
gone where gentle breezes blow—
tiny folks, magical things,
stretch their arms and spread their wings,
catching warmth of morning sun,
now that springtime has begun.

Out from under leaves and logs,
up from chilly rocks and bogs,
little people find their way,
glad to meet the dawning day.
Flitting now from budding oak,
tinkling songs join tree frog's croak,
chiming out a springtime prayer,
carried on the sunlit air.

Hush and listen closely now.
Stand quite still beneath the bough
of the oak tree, spreading wide,
where the timid fairies hide.
If you stand as still as stone,
you will find you're not alone.
You will hear the fairies sing,
welcoming the sun in spring.

Springtime Fun

I like to play outside in spring
I run and skate and everything!
I think I could stay out all day-
outside in spring, I like to play.

I get to ride my bike at last
the winter's cold and snow is past
no longer must I stay inside-
my bike, at last, I get to ride.

And grasses grow while flowers bloom-
the birds will sing, bees zip and zoom.
and gentle breezes shift and blow,
while flowers bloom, and grasses grow.

I like the spring because it's fun
to run and play in springtime sun.
I think I could burst out and sing,
because it's fun. I like the spring.

Red Pail

(photo by Liz Henry)

I'm on the beach with my red pail,
where some folks like to swim or sail.
But I prefer to walk and fill
my bright red pail with things until
it's full right to the very top—
and only then I'll have to stop
to look at all the things I've found
while walking on the sandy ground.

Today I found a heart-shaped stone
a hermit crab, only half grown,
a piece of seaweed, limey green,
the whitest shell you've ever seen.
I put them all inside my pail
along with one horseshoe crab tail,
a piece of sea glass, sparkling blue,
the feather of a seagull too.

And finally, to fill my pail,
I added one small brownish snail,
who sat upon the heart-shaped stone
right next to hermit crab, half-grown.
He told my crab a little tale
of how he once rode on a whale
across the greenish bluish sea
right to this beach and then to me.

And when I looked, well I could tell
that my snail liked my crab so well
that they should stay together, so
I dumped my pail and let them go
into the salty water where
I'm pretty certain they're still there.

And they will never be alone,
but happy on my heart-shaped stone.

(image by Christopher Jones)

Camp Daisy Scout

The bus took us out to Camp Daisy Scout,
for miles and miles we rode—
far from our city (which I think is pretty)
that bus traveled with its big load.

And all of us snacked on snacks we had packed,
for the ride was quite long indeed.
We all brought a book, but I couldn't look,
I was far too nervous to read.

The girls on the bus were all strangers to us,
that's Suzy O'Donnell and me—
and I only knew me and Suzy, just two
of the girls on the bus I could see.

What if there's a bear when we finally get there,
who will eat us all up for dinner?
And what if the food is all vegetables, stewed—
if it is, I'll get thinner and thinner!

I thought of my mother, and just then another,
who was riding to Camp Daisy Scout,
started to cheer and sing "Yay, we are here!"
and the other girls started to shout.

But what if they're mean and make us all clean,
as I'd heard they might do from my brother?
Then Suzy was sent to the little kid's tent,
and I wished I was back with my mother.

My cabin was small, and that wasn't all—
my bed was the bunk bed below.
I wanted to hop on that bunk bed up top,
but the girl on it I didn't know.

Later that day, I learned her name was Faye,
which means fairy, or so she told me.
Not even one bear could be seen anywhere,
and no one had cause to scold me.

We swam in the lake, made sun catchers to take
to our mothers, when camp was through.
We had a camp fire, and Faye had to admire
how I toasted my marshmallows, too.

It's the end of July, and I don't know why
I was frightened when I ate that snack—
for although my city may be very pretty,
I don't think I'll want to go back!

The Best Season

Summer is the best of seasons!
If you're not sure of all the reasons,
I can give examples of
the things in summer that I love—

the sandy beach, where I find shells
and pebbles in the swishy swells—
where waves roll up to chase my toes,
and then back to the sea it goes.
And stopping at the ice cream shop
(be careful not to drop a glop!).
Corn on the cob and when we run
through sprinklers, which is SO much fun!

And I like every summer day
that lasts and lasts so I can stay
awake and wait for sunset skies
when I can catch some fireflies
to blink in jars up on the chest—
all these make summer time the best.

So now you know that I'm not teasin',
'cuz summer is the nicest season.

Summer Treat

In summer, nothing ever tastes so good
as ice cream on a cone, melty and sweet.
in summer's heat, it's always understood
that eating one may not be very neat!

Frosty, yummy, sticky summer treat.

If you live in a small town or in the countryside, you may be able to find fireflies in summer! Watch outside, just as it is growing dark, and see if you can spot tiny flashes of light in bushes and tall grasses or in a flower garden. Fireflies are easy to catch if you don't wait until it is fully dark.
Have an adult punch some very small holes in the lid of a jar, like an old pickle or jam jar. Pick some long blades of grass or a fern or leafy twig to put in the jar so the fireflies will have something to sit on. Make sure it's not too long, so that your lid will fit on tightly.

Then, while it is still a little bit light outside, walk very slowly up to one of the little blinking lights and you'll see a small black bug with wings. Don't worry, they won't bite, but make sure an adult is with you to be sure you're collecting fireflies and not something that MIGHT bite! Use very GENTLE fingers to scoop him into the palm of your hand, curled around a little bit but not enough to squish him!
Put him in your jar and close the lid, then go and find another one! Four or five in a jar will light up for you on a bedside table or dresser top as you go to sleep. Be sure to take your jar outside and let your fiery friends go in the morning, you don't want these lovely creatures to die!

© All Poems Copyright Katharine L. Sparrow 2020, 2021