Fall & Winter

Picking Pumpkins

(photo:by Anders Lagerås)

Off to the harvest farm we went to pick an orange pumpkin.
We took a ride in a hay cart,
just like a country bumpkin.
We saw a pig and chicken coops,
a llama and a cow
(you know, we get our milk from them,
but I'm not sure just how).

And then we saw the pumpkin field, with pumpkins all around.
I looked and looked to find the very best
that could be found.
I wanted one that had a stem
that curved up like a hat,
so I could carve a face on it—
can you imagine that?
A scary face, with spooky eyes,
a wide and toothy grin—
and Mom would hollow out inside
to put a candle in.

I looked and looked all through the field
and finally found the best—
a big fat orange pumpkin,
oranger than all the rest.
We took it home and carved a face
and put him on the stair,
where everyone will see him shine—
he'll give them all a scare!
Especially at night time,
when his creepy candle glows—
I'm still not sure how cows give milk,
maybe my pumpkin knows!

Fall's Fairy


(image by anarasha @ deviantart)

When summer turns its face away
and autumn sets the woods ablaze
that's when, as lore and legend say,
Fall's Fairy steps from sunlit haze.

She comes to tell the creatures there,
when summer turns its face away,
the squirrel, rabbit, deer and bear
that winter snows are on the way.

She warns them that each passing day
the gentle winds turn chill and cold,
when summer turns its face away,
as lore and legend always told.

And then, before the season ends,
the wise old owl swoops down to say
thank-you from all her woodland friends
when summer turns its face away.

(image by rileyjanelle@tumblr)

After Halloween

So where do they go, after Halloween night?—
the ghouls and the goblins who gave us a fright?
Could any be lurking around in my room?—
a ghost or a monster, a witch with a broom?

Alone in my bed, and I simply can't sleep.
The door of my closet is open a peep.
I think there's a zombie who's hiding in there,
and I'm sure there's an evil black cat on the chair!

If only the darkness were not quite so dim—
I'd leap out of bed and yell "raaah!" to scare him!
But under the covers I know I'm secure—
(at least I think so, I'm not totally sure).

I think I hear footsteps, thudding up the stair!
I dive in the covers and hide myself there.
I shake like a leaf, there are steps in the hall...
a big giant shadow appears on my wall!

Leaves and Snow

The leaves fall on my head like yellow rain.
Soon all the trees and branches will be plain-
just sticks that stretch out tall to scrape the sky.
They tickle clouds and make the snowflakes fly!

I like to play in leaves of fall
but I like snow days best of all!

When winter snow makes everything all white
and covers cars and bushes in the night,
I go out early, dressed in boots and hat
and nothing can be happier than that!

I like to play in leaves of fall
but I like snow days BEST of all!

I shudder and hope it is all a bad dream.
And just as I'm ready to let out a scream,
the light flickers on and my bedroom is bright—
and it's only Mom who has turned on the light!

The lump on the chair's not an old witch's cat,
but my big bag of candy, can you believe that?
And there are no zombies, peering out at me
(my Mom lets me open the door, just to see).

She tucks me all in, snug and warm in my bed,
and she lets me know I have nothing to dread.
She says that it's safe now to sleep through the night—
the goblins have gone, the witches taken flight.

The zombies have all staggered off down the streets,
and that evil black cat is no more than my sweets.
She gives me a kiss and she says "pleasant dreams"...
I guess Halloween's not as real as it seems.

This Weather!

This weather! Nice, if you're a cat
who watches raindrops flying, 'splat'!—
against the picture window where
his basket, warm and soft, sits there.
And when he tires of watching rain
go dribbling down the window pane
he curls to take a cozy nap
as flinging drops go 'slip' and 'slap'
and 'hisss' their way from sky to wall,
against the windows, where they fall.
Oh yes, this weather makes me wish
it could be fine for more than fish!
I'd rather be a purring cat
and nap—
that's all there is to that.

Happy New Year

"Happy New Year!" I heard them say—
but this is just another day!
I really don't see what's so new
and special, like the others do.
The only difference I can see,
that makes today look differently—
a calendar on our fridge door
that's not the one we had before.
The pages all have flowers, where
the one before had kittens there.
I liked the kittens one the best,
so I'm not glad, like all the rest
who said that this is New Year's Day,
and special ... so I heard them say.

© All Poems Copyright Katharine L. Sparrow 2020, 2021